Friday, 19 April 2013

cylinder progress

The two sets of Tinkerbell cylinders are nearly done. Today I fitted the piston and valve rod glands, just leaving valve rod buckles, gaskets and fixing bolt holes to do. Hopefully these will get done next week, and the first pair on their frames early the week after. Meanwhile, I have fitted the Fairlie drop links, so that's moving on too!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Early April

The diesels have both been and gone, converted to 6.5hp electric start petrol engines. They are a lot smoother, and also benefit from being common in everything except shape!!! The fairlie power bogie valve gear is complete except from the eccentric rods and drop links for the reversing gear. It also needs the drain cocks fitting, but, apart from that, it's done. The frames arrived from the cutter a few weeks ago now, ready for when space allows them to be put together. But first, I have a tinkerbell and a rolling tinkerbell chassis to complete. The two pairs of cylinders for these are coming along well, the pistons are made and fitted, work now concentrating on fitting the rear covers, then glands, and fitting the valves to the valve rods, all the gaskets and then they can be fitted to the frames. That will be real progress!!!